BrandBallot was conceived with one overarching philosophy: everyone has a story to tell. Each of the bloggers featured on our site has been hand-picked for the authenticity of their stories. From internet entrepreneurs living remotely in Costa Rica, to tireless moms raising a family in Nebraska, to vagabonds circling the globe in pursuit of their next adventure, we are passionate about the human experience in all of its varied forms. As our list of top bloggers continues to grow, we hope you continue to find beauty in the stories they tell.


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Best Food Blogs

Best Food Blogs

Food a subject that anyone could get behind, but these bloggers are not just anyone. Using simple (and sometimes, not-so-simple) ingredients, these bloggers constantly find ways to innovate, inspire, heal, detoxify, and nourish with their delicious edible creations. Here are BrandBallot's picks for the top food bloggers on the web.

  • Best Autism Blogs

    Best Autism Blogs

    Caring for someone with Autism is just as rewarding as it is challenging. From heartwarming stories to trials and tribulations to the latest autism research, these bloggers have it all covered. Whether you're looking to learn, to be inspired, to laugh, or even to cry, you'll find a little bit of everything in the pages of the excellent Autism blogs found on this list.

  • Best Calligraphy Blogs

    Best Calligraphy Blogs

    Calligraphy is a timeless skill that takes years of practice and patience to master. Calligraphy itself is thousands of years old, and even in the 21st century, it seems we're finding new ways to use calligraphy every single day. From weddings to presentations to book publishing, calligraphy never goes out of style.

Best Lifestyle Blogs in the UK

Best Lifestyle Blogs in the UK

Lifestyle blogs encompass many different genres. Some are fusions of two styles (food and travel, anyone?) and others invent a style completely of their own. These UK-based men and women are bloggers without boundaries, and these blogs are the best of the best when it comes to awe-inspiring self expression. Below are what we consider to be the best lifestyle blogs in the UK.

  • Best HR Blogs

    Best HR Blogs

    Whether you're interested in sharpening your management skills, want to read up on the latest in employment law, curious about the latest trends in hiring and recruiting, or are just looking to be a better leader in the workplace, these HR blogs are the best the web has to offer. The following is a list of the best HR blogs we've come across.

  • Best Leadership Blogs

    Best Leadership Blogs

    The impact of an effective leader begins in the heart and mind of a single person and works its way up throughout an entire organization, one person at a time. Leadership seminars and life coaches are costly, but there is a wealth of information online that shows exactly what it takes to be a great leader. We've scoured the web to find the best leadership blogs and we've presented them here.

Best Parenting Blogs

Best Parenting Blogs

These battle-tested parents combine the best of both worlds: the experience and wisdom required to be a parent, as well as the grit and determination to push forward when you thought you’d reached your patience limit three temper tantrums ago. Put simply, these parents practically change diapers in their sleep. (For some, we mean this quite literally.)

  • Best Health Blogs

    Best Health Blogs

    Healthy's on everyone's list of New Year's Resolutions, isn't it? If you find yourself completely off the wagon by February and want to get your health in order, these awesome bloggers don't just write about health, they practice it in their daily lives and live to tell the story. From healthy eating to proper exercise and even a bit of mental health sprinkled in, these health bloggers have got you covered.

  • Best Mommy Blogs

    Best Mommy Blogs

    These battle-tested mommies combine the best of both worlds: the experience and wisdom required to be a mom, as well as the grit and determination to push forward when you thought you'd reached your patience limit three temper tantrums ago. Put simply, these mommies practically change diapers in their sleep. (For some, we mean this quite literally.)

  • Best Veg-Friendly Blogs

    Best Veg-Friendly Blogs

    Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or omnivore, there's no denying that plant-based recipes deserve a place in every cookbook. For a variety of reasons, these bloggers have put down their steak knives and have chosen to put more focus on plant-based ingredients--fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. These recipes are as healthy as they are delicious!

Best Music Blogs

Best Music Blogs

You'd be hard pressed to think of anything as universal as music. Spanning all countries, languages, and cultures, music has a way of uniting people of all walks of life. These bloggers (all of them with a fandom of their own) bring you the latest in music news, commentary, and all the insider information you can get your hands on.

  • Best Writing Blogs

    Best Writing Blogs

    Regardless of what you enjoy blogging about--travel, parenting, finance, etc--your audience will only be as engaged as your content is compelling. As any seasoned blogger will testify, writing compelling content is one of the most difficult--and valuable--skills a blogger will ever master. We've created a list of some of the most skilled and lucid writing bloggers on the internet. Enjoy!

  • Best Travel Blogs

    Best Travel Blogs

    The world is meant to be seen, and these bloggers are on a quest to see all of it. From the Egyptian pyramids to the Buddhist temples of Japan, every inch of the globe is covered in the footsteps of these remarkable bloggers. In the list below, meet these bloggers who turned their wanderlust into beautiful prose and photography.

Best Astrology Bloggers

Best Astrology Bloggers

Astrology--defined as the study and interpretation of celestial bodies--has been part of human history for over 25,000 years. While schools of thought have evolved over time, the intrigue and fascination with astrology remains strong, even until present day. These bloggers not only have an intricate understanding of astrological concepts, but are also adept at explaining their significance to a general audience.

  • Best Finance Blogs

    Best Finance Blogs

    Personal finance is a fundamental skill in every adult's life. Regardless of your current stage in life, the best time to start managing your personal finances is today. So whether you're looking to start a retirement fund, pay for you child's education, or just need some help putting away some money on the side, following these top bloggers is the best place to begin.

  • Best Wine Blogs

    Best Wine Blogs

    Everyone loves a good glass of wine, but not everyone has a palate refined enough to appreciate minute differences between wines, and even fewer are able to articulate these differences in a way the average person can enjoy and learn from. We searched the web for this special group of people we all recognize as Wine Bloggers. Enjoy!

Best Book Blogs

Best Book Blogs

Getting lost in a story that practically leaps off the page is one of life's great joys. (Not to mention that new book smell!) And despite the onset of the digital age, there is simply no digital replacement to cozying up to a new book. These book bloggers not only review the latest must-read books, they guide new authors in publishing works of their own.

  • Best Photography Blogs

    Best Photography Blogs

    Whether you're an experienced photographer with a closet full of equipment or just a beginner who is thinking of buying your first camera, photography bloggers have something to offer for everyone. From the latest trends in photography to off-the-cuff snapshots in the kitchen to helpful advice on advancing your career, these bloggers will teach you how to take a photograph--and take it well.

  • Best Marketing Blogs

    Best Marketing Blogs

    Marketing has come a long way from being the exclusive, corporate-board-room profession it once was. Instead of the prototypical wheeling-and-dealing Don Draper type, today's marketer is much more dynamic and nuanced. If you're a small business owner trying to be heard above the noise, these marketing bloggers will teach you how to make a big splash on a modest budget.