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Tech & Office
Best Action Cameras under $100

Best Action Cameras under $100

We found that the Eken H9R is the best action camera in its price range. The multiple resolutions, WiFi, and underwater capabilities will help you to capture amazing moments and share them with the world. The device is very versatile, easy to use for amateurs and can compete with more expensive professional cameras.

  • Best Gaming Headset under $100

    Best Gaming Headset under $100

    There is no doubt in our minds that the HyperX Cloud II deserves first place when it comes to the best gaming headset under $100. It offers the most value for its price tag and is a favorite among dedicated gamers worldwide.

  • Best Electronic Drum Kit

    Best Electronic Drum Kit

    Pound for pound, the Alesis CompactKit 7 is clearly the best electronic drum kit available today. Its ability to shift effortlessly between practice sessions and recording and beat creation will delight drumming purists and electronic lab-dwellers alike.

  • Best Headphones for Sleeping

    Best Headphones for Sleeping

    After comparing headphones for sleeping in the categories of noise cancellation, sound quality, comfort, durability, price/value, and reviews, we arrived at the Bose QuietComfort 20 as the best headphones on the market for those looking to get some shut-eye.

Health & Beauty
Best Probiotic for Constipation

Best Probiotic for Constipation

We compared commercially available probiotics in the key metrics of regular bowel movement support, digestive health support, probiotic strains, price/value, reviews and ease of storage, and arrived at Garden of Life RAW Colon Care as the overall best probiotic for constipation. With regular use, this probiotic works way better than laxatives and without the messiness and unpredictability.

  • Best Tampons for Beginners

    Best Tampons for Beginners

    After comparing these tampons based on metrics such as convenience, absorbency, ease of application, and price-to-quantity ratio, we have found that U by Kotex Sleek Super Tampons are the best tampons for beginners.

  • Best Stethoscope

    Best Stethoscope

    The Littmann Classic III stethoscope with tunable diaphragm is the clear winner for best stethoscope when compared on the key metrics of accuracy, sonic quality, functional designs, durability, price-to-performance ratio, and reputation.

  • Best Safety Razor for Beginners

    Best Safety Razor for Beginners

    After comparing affordably priced safety razors in the key metrics of close shaving performance, handling, user-friendliness, price-to-performance ratio and user reviews, our pick for the best safety razor for beginners is Vikings Blade’s The Chieftain.

Home & Pets
Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

If you’re looking for the most comfortable air mattress which makes you feel like you’re in an actual bed, the CloudNine by SoundAsleep is the answer. The unparalleled Smart Pump technology will keep its firmness the way you want it to, for as long as you want. You’ll really feel… on cloud nine.

  • Best Foot Spa

    Best Foot Spa

    The Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa gives you a personalized massage like no other foot spa, while providing a quiet, relaxing experience to let go of all your worries and forget about the stresses and strains of the day.

  • Best Vacuum for Stairs

    Best Vacuum for Stairs

    After comparing vacuum cleaners in the key metrics of stairs vacuuming ease, suction power, features, price-to-performance ratio and reviews, we conclude that the Dyson DC33 is the best vacuum for stairs.

  • Best Router Table

    Best Router Table

    After comparing router tables in the key metrics of working surface quality, precision and sturdiness, compatibility and features, durability, value, and reviews, a clear standout is found in the Kreg Precision Router Table System as the best router table on the market today.

Sports & Outdoors
Best Compound Bow for Beginners

Best Compound Bow for Beginners

If you are a young archer looking for a beginner-friendly bow, look no further than Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model. It is compact, lightweight, has a solid aluminum body, and is made from sturdy materials. It has a 75% let-off but it can even be set to zero. Once you get accustomed to it, you will feel like the next William Tell.

  • Best Ice Skates for Beginners

    Best Ice Skates for Beginners

    We evaluated all the leading brands on criteria such as the blades, the outsole, ankle support, and general practicality, and we recommend the Jackson Ultima Mystique women’s ice skate as the best choice for beginners and recreational skaters.

  • Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

    Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

    For beginning bikers, or anyone looking for a great hybrid bike for city riding, the Vilano Diverse 3.0 is the best choice. It is well-built, lightweight, and reliable in all weather conditions.

  • Best Trail Camera

    Best Trail Camera

    After comparing trail cams in the key metrics of day and night time image quality, detection system, battery life, features, durability, and reviews, it’s clear to us that the Reconyx HyperFire Covert Security Camera is the best trail camera available on the market.

Books & Music
Best MCAT Prep Books

Best MCAT Prep Books

The Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review is our best MCAT prep book after careful comparison against others in the key metrics of content, presentation, effectiveness, price-to-performance ratio, reputation, and user feedback. Everything that can possibly show up in the MCAT is covered here with the best study tips and alerts to high-yield content.

  • Best Juicing Books

    Best Juicing Books

    When comparing juicing books, The Big Book of Juices comes out as a clear winner. With its rich collection of recipes for juices and smoothies, this book will appeal to beginner and veteran juicing enthusiasts alike.

  • Best Harmonica for Beginners

    Best Harmonica for Beginners

    If you’re looking for a great beginner’s harmonica that is good enough to play in any setting, the Hohner Special 20 Harmonica fits the bill. Beautiful to look at and sturdy enough to withstand hours of playing, this harmonica produces a stunning tone that feels at home in all kinds of songs.

  • Best Drawing Books

    Best Drawing Books

    We believe You Can Draw in 30 Days by Mark Kistler is the best drawing book for beginners after rating its attributes against others in the key metrics of content, clarity of instruction, examples and exercises, effectiveness, and reviews. This book is the proof that anybody can learn to draw and do it reasonably well.

Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry
Best Women’s Electric Shaver

Best Women’s Electric Shaver

The Remington Wet & Dry Women’s Rechargeable Electric Foil Shaver is our favorite women's electric shaver because of its small profile, antimicrobial properties, and new Smooth Glide Technology. The shaver has a trusted brand standing behind it and quality is expected and delivered.

  • Best Electric Pole Saw

    Best Electric Pole Saw

    If you are looking for a pruning tool to make your gardening days easier, look no further than the Sun Joe SWJ802E. It is well built, lightweight and has a telescopic pole which allows you to cut even those seemingly unreachable branches.

  • Best Electric Log Splitter

    Best Electric Log Splitter

    If you’re wondering about a good way to get plenty of firewood for the winter, then the answer comes in the shape of the Boss Industrial ES7T20 log splitter. It is sturdy, consistent, and will handle any amount of wood you can throw at it, all while operating it using a single hand.

  • Best Hunting Boots

    Best Hunting Boots

    After comparing hunting boots in the key metrics of performance, comfort, protection, durability, ease of putting on and taking off, value, and user feedback, the 8” Danner Pronghorn with 400g insulation is our recommendation for the best hunting boots. These boots are beyond comfortable and durable.

Automotive & Tools
Best Wax for Black Cars

Best Wax for Black Cars

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Paste is, from our findings, the top choice of wax for black cars. Using high quality natural products in a concentrated paste form, and with its ease of application, this wax receives our highest recommendation.

  • Best Floor Jack

    Best Floor Jack

    If you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight service jack to be your faithful garage companion for years to come, look no further than the Arcan ALJ3T. It is unbeatable in its design, build quality, user-friendliness and safety features, making it the best addition to your home or repair shop.

  • Best Tool Bag

    Best Tool Bag

    After comparing the most popular tool bags based on durability, price, and design, we picked the Stanley 12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag as our top recommendation. It’s not only inexpensive but is also designed to carry a wide range of small to medium-sized tools while still leaving space for personal items.

  • Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster

    Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster