About Us

About Us

Every feature. Every detail. Analyzed and dissected.

Our Philosophy

BrandBallot was conceived with one singular vision: to provide the clearest, most concise product reviews on the internet. In the age of conflicting reviews and new products being released every day, we understand that making confident purchasing decisions can be overwhelming. Our goal is to equip you with only the most relevant and actionable information–nothing less, nothing more.


Our Process

The World is a Big Marketplace

From fiber supplements to baby carriers to DSLR cameras, we think competition is what drives innovation, and we take pride in finding the very best products in every corner of the market.

Less is More

When comparison shopping, we sometimes find that too much information can make a purchasing decision harder, not easier. All of our reviews are concise and meant to inform, not overwhelm.

Apples to Apples

When comparing two products, you’re not just looking two separate product summaries; you want them compared side by side, note for note. Every product on our website is compared to a direct competitor on the exact same dimensions.

Walking the Walk

It’s easy to list all ways a product should work. But reading about all the ways a product actually does (or doesn’t) work is much more informative. We love to include real customer experiences in all of our reviews.

Up-To-The-Minute Pricing

In a fast-paced world where new products today are practically outdated tomorrow, it helps to know exactly what you’ll pay today. All of our products reviews include real time price quotes so you never miss a good deal.

Editorial Integrity

None of our product recommendations are influenced by any kind of commercial gain, and this is the way we think it should be. You’ll never see us promote a product in exchange for company freebies. Ever.