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Calligraphy is a timeless skill that takes years of practice and patience to master. Calligraphy itself is thousands of years old, and even in the 21st century, it seems we’re finding new ways to use calligraphy every single day. From weddings to presentations to book publishing, calligraphy never goes out of style.


Beth Hunt Calligraphy

Blogger Profile: Calligraphist Beth Hunt creates beautiful works of art from words. Her blog offers inspiring how-to’s, her favorite products, and invitations to her workshops online and in person in Oxford and Grenada, Mississippi. Be sure to keep her in mind for weddings and other special occasions!
Fun fact: Beth has been studying calligraphy since Santa gifted her her first calligraphy set when she was 10 or 12!

Ciarra Claire

Blogger Profile: Ciarra is a self-taught and trained calligraphist who has passion for all things old, as she says. Her designs are inspired by vintage history and are done the old fashioned way.
Fun fact: She lists her favorite things as chai lattes, cozy slippers, scarves big enough to be blankets, and used book store. Preferably all these things together.

Elisa Anne

Blogger Profile: Elisabeth specializes in all things weddings, including invitations, wood signs, and other paper products. She appreciates color and elegance, and loves to work with brides who admire beauty and good aesthetics. As she says, a beautiful invitation can help you set your mood and instill guests with emotions and anticipation.
Fun fact: Elisabeth almost gave up on calligraphy early on because some writing tools don’t work well for lefties!

Meant to Be Calligraphy

Blogger Profile: Michele Hatty Fritz and Kristin Frentzel Regen have come together to create Meant To Be Calligraphy. They do lots of wedding invitations and decor, but you can also find them working “Galentines Day” events, on Burberry designs, and in person at their pen and brush workshops in Washington DC.
Fun fact: Michele, the creative director of the company, has calligraphy in her blood! Her father was also a career hand-lettering artist.

Kelly Creates

Blogger Profile: Kelly Klapstein, from Kelly Creates, takes a different approach to teaching calligraphy. Her online business provides pen and brush instructions, but also stamps and stencils to help her beginner students learn the art.
Fun fact: Kelly is a mom to three kids and one adorable fur baby!

Pretty Prints And Paper

Blogger Profile: Pretty Prints and Paper came along in 2015 when blogger Jessica Chung went searching for a hobby and artistic outlet. Since then her blog has blossomed and now focuses on lettering and bullet journaling. She believes planners or journals can be both productive and aesthetic!
Fun fact: Calligraphy is just a side job for Jessica, her time job is as teacher at a university.

A Fabulous Fete

Blogger Profile: After dabbling in a few different career fields, Lauren Saylor, founder of A Fabulous Fete, finally upgraded blogging and calligraphy from hobby to full time job. Lauren spearheads the company’s hand lettering, content creation, and is also partner in Wilde House Paper. Her blog talks about all things in life from calligraphy, to cocktails, and owning a business.
Fun fact: Wilde House Paper is a monthly delivery service with paper products and calligraphy galore that Lauren started with a close friend.

Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Blogger Profile: Laura has been in the field of calligraphy for more than 20 years and has taught more than 7,000 students the introduction to the art both in person and virtually. In addition to wedding projects, Laura also designs greeting cards, coasters, mugs, and more everyday and occasion items.
Fun fact: Laura has two “studio pups,” Kepler and Tycho, who are considered a part of the team!

Julia Bausenhardt

Blogger Profile: Based in Germany, Julia Bausenhardt is a studied illustrator whose style is combining traditional and digital techniques. Inspiration comes from all over, but Julia mostly draws from fresh food, nature, and faraway places.
Fun fact: Julia has spent several years studying illustration and communications design at the HAW in Hamberg.

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