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You’d be hard pressed to think of anything as universal as music. Spanning all countries, languages, and cultures, music has a way of uniting people of all walks of life. These bloggers (all of them with a fandom of their own) bring you the latest in music news, commentary, and all the insider information you can get your hands on.



Blogger Profile: Pitchfork, conceived by Ryan Schreiber while working in a record store, is a collaboration of many music industry writers focusing on bringing you the latest of music genres from indie to pop.
Fun fact: Pitchfork prides itself on its “best-of” lists and annually produces a review one the Best Track and Best Album of the year.

Pigeons and Planes

Blogger Profile: This music discovery site prides itself on keeping readers on their toes and ears itching for more when reading and listening to today’s trending music and rising artists from a vast array of musical genres.
Fun fact: Story behind the name: pigeons represents the starving artists who eventually take flight, planes represents the finely tuned mainstream artists.

Large Hearted Boy

Blogger Profile: Based out of New York City, Largehearted Boy mixes the writer’s passions of music and literature. The site features daily posts combining the two mediums and how they intertwine with one another.
Fun fact: LargeHearted Boy lived all throughout the USA before settling in New York City. His weblog started out only as a “fling”, but became something bigger than he could have ever imagined.

Drowned in Sound

Blogger Profile: Established in 2000 by UK-based Editor Sean Adams; DiS is comprised of a collaborative team of freelancers contributing reviews, articles, and interviews from the latest in the music world.
Fun fact: Includes a user-rated database on the latest in music and reviews of UK-based music venues.

Gorilla vs Bear

Blogger Profile: Created by Chris Cantalini in 2005, this non-genre specific Texas-based blog comprised of a team of writers, features reviews, stories, and interviews of lesser known musical artists.
Fun fact: Gorilla vs. Bear uses only Polaroid camera to take pictures of their subjects.


Blogger Profile: Introduced to the world in 2002 as the first “MP3 blog” by founder Scott Lapatine, this established group of writers critiques and compiles stories from the music and pop culture nation.
Fun fact: StereoGum features a segment entitled, “StereoGum Sessions”, where rising artists showcase their music live.

Consequence of Sound

Blogger Profile: This Chicago-based publication, founded by Alex Young, claims to be “the missing link between mainstream pop culture and the underground”, reviewing the latest in music, television, festivals, and film.
Fun fact: Regina Spektor played a part in the naming of this site, as it is based on her song “Consequence of Sounds”.

The Fader

Blogger Profile: This award winning NYC-based publication is created on focusing on what is trending in the urban world; covering music, film, culture, and events.
Fun fact: It was the first print publication to be released on iTunes. The FADER holds many awards including; Best Urban-Lifestyle Magazine by the New York Press End of Year Awards.


Blogger Profile: Integrating the world of music and digital technology, Hypebot is a platform that assists readers in finding the facts needed to become successful in the music industry.
Fun fact: Integrating the world of music and digital technology, Hypebot is a platform that assists readers in finding the facts needed to become successful in the music industry.

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