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ACE vs NASM: A Complete Certification Comparison
There were more than a few products and characteristics we needed to test and compare, namely performance, build quality, ease of use, versatility, and price/value, and in the end, we decided that the Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100 should come out on top primarily due to its versatility. It is unmatched for trimming, and it even has you covered in case you decide to trade in your stubble for a clean shave.
After comparing these three Kona Coffee products on key features such as concentration, rating, flavor, and size, it became apparent that the Hualalai Estate 100% Pure Premium Kona Coffee is the best one you can buy. It doesn’t combine Kona beans with foreign ones and it also keeps them hole so you can enjoy grinding them yourself.
After comparing three beard brushes on key features which include grip design, durability, price, and bristle quality it became obvious that the Rocky Mountain Boar Hair Beard Brush is the definite winner. The affordable price tag, the 100% natural boar bristles, and the ergonomic grip design make for a one of a kind men’s grooming tool.
The Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip is a perfect marriage of functionality and flexibility. The lightweight casing is easy to handle and the 90+ minute battery life allows complete freedom of movement. In comparison with other clippers, no other products offer the same level of performance, flexibility, ease of handling, value, and comfort.

If you’re looking for a gold standard certification, the American Council on Exercise will provide. ACE is arguably the most established CPT program, so much so that it is a Gold’s Gym official recommendation. Other notable gyms who recognize ACE include Crunch, OrangeTheory, and Anytime Fitness. The non-profit allows a wide range of specialization such as individual training, group training, medical exercise, and health coaching.

We compared commercially available probiotics in the key metrics of regular bowel movement support, digestive health support, probiotic strains, price/value, reviews and ease of storage, and arrived at Garden of Life RAW Colon Care as the overall best probiotic for constipation. With regular use, this probiotic works way better than laxatives and without the messiness and unpredictability.
After comparing these tampons based on metrics such as convenience, absorbency, ease of application, and price-to-quantity ratio, we have found that U by Kotex Sleek Super Tampons are the best tampons for beginners. They have a no-slip rubber grip for smooth and precise application and come in a supersized pack.
The Littmann Classic III stethoscope with tunable diaphragm is the clear winner for best stethoscope when compared on the key metrics of accuracy, sonic quality, functional designs, durability, price-to-performance ratio, and reputation.
After comparing affordably priced safety razors in the key metrics of close shaving performance, handling, user-friendliness, price-to-performance ratio and user reviews, our pick for the best safety razor for beginners is Vikings Blade’s The Chieftain. It is the #1 selling safety razor on Amazon and as of this writing, an amazing 88% of reviews are 5-star reviews.
We compared commercially available probiotic formulas in the key metrics of efficacy against Candida, number of live cultures, probiotic blend, value, and reviews, and arrived at Garden of Life RAW Ultimate Care as the best probiotic for Candida. This is simply a superlative probiotic formula in CFU count, strains of probiotic, and most of all, positive results.
Garden of Life Primal Defense ULTRA is our best probiotic for bloating after comparing it against other probiotics in the key metrics of bloating prevention, symptomatic relieve of bloating, digestive health support, shipping and storage, and user feedback. You must be prepared to say goodbye to bloated gut if you choose to take this probiotic.
After comparing commercially available probiotics in terms of efficacy against acne, skin protection, reliable CFU rating, value, and user reviews, we came to conclude that the best probiotic for acne is Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra.
Those searching for the most comprehensive yoga DVD for expectant mothers should look no further than Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts by Heather Seiniger. It features sessions for both the pre and postnatal periods, meaning you’ll be using this DVD long after you give birth. The low price point and wide region compatibility just complete the package.
With Pilates for Beginners by Kristin McGee you get everything you need to tone your abs, strengthen your core, and shed those unwanted pounds. McGee guides you through every technique and the handy manual will help you learn why each technique will benefit you. The DVD offers a great workout, no matter which session you choose.
The TEMPTU 2.0 Airbrush Makeup System came out ahead in every key metric: durability of makeup, quality of air compressor and brush, expandability, ease of use, and value. Sometimes, you do get what you pay for, and we found this to be the case with airbrush makeup kits.
We compared and contrasted sensitive skin deodorants in the key metrics of antiperspirant property, effective duration, gentleness and moisturizing effects, and price-to-performance, and found the Dove Advanced Care Sensitive as the best choice for most people.
We’ve combed over all the top beginner yoga DVDs and compared them with respect to the key metrics of yoga routine quality, quality of instruction, production and user feedback. We selected Bodywisdom’s Yoga for Beginners as the best yoga DVD for most people getting started with yoga. The beginner routines are extra slow and calming to bring you along and there’s no pressure to step up to the more advanced routines until you feel ready and able.
We put the beard balms through their paces and the Honest Amish beard balm impressed the most. It is tops in the categories of quality ingredients, usability, results, value, and customer satisfaction. Many beard-bearers who tried Honest Amish ended up loving it and many more users swore by it.