About Us

About Us

Our Philosophy

What makes a blog great? We think it’s a combination of a lot of things. It’s certainly not the number of subscribers, Twitter followers, or celebrity endorsements. It’s not flashy web design or even fancy photographs. We think what separates good blogs from great ones is authenticity. The blogs we are proud to feature on BrandBallot are carefully selected for portraying a real, authentic, living, breathing snapshot of what it means to be human.

Our Selection Criteria


As we’ve often stated, this is without a doubt the #1 feature we look for in any blog. It can be difficult to define, but as they say, you know it when you see it.

The Good News, The Bad News

We know mountain hiking isn’t easy. We know being a mother of three is exhausting. We know running a bakery isn’t a piece of cake (OK, maybe it is). As much as we love reading the good, we look for blogs that tell the whole story–warts and all.


When reading a blog, you can tell rather quickly if the blogger is new to their domain or has a few years under their belt. And we believe there are just some lessons that can only be learned with time.


When someone is passionate about what they do–whether that’s running, writing, or even filing taxes–the words jump right off the page. Not only that, they are able to turn an otherwise mundane topic into something exciting, even for the casual reader. Passion is key.


If you want to write a great blog, it isn’t enough to follow the pack and settle for the latest trend. Our bloggers aren’t afraid to show their true colors, even if those colors are a few shades removed from the flavor of the day. They are thought leaders, and aren’t afraid to show it.


Finally, our bloggers know how to have a little fun. A sprinkle of fun or a light-hearted jab every now and then adds much-needed color and character that makes a reader coming back for more. After all, blogs are the ideal vehicle for self expression. Enjoy it!