Inergy Apex Review

Inergy Apex Review


If you’re traveling a lot or you want to go camping for a few days, then it makes a lot of sense to purchase a good generator. That being said, finding the best generator can be tricky, but the Inergy Apex seems to be one of the best, latest generators on the market that really push the boundaries when it comes to value and quality.

Product specs

What should you know about the Inergy Apex?

Right off the bat, you should notice that this is a solar generator. So all you need is solar power, which means you can use the Inergy Apex anywhere you want without any restrictions. On top of that, the product only has 25 lbs, so it’ very portable and you can take it with you anywhere you want to go. It also has a dedicated smart display with charge input, select AC/DC power, a very efficient solar charging system and even multiple quickcharge USB and USB type C connectors in the front. They even added lithium expansion features just in case you need something like that.

Thanks to the internal battery, you will have up to 1100 Watt Hours and the battery life expectancy is around 10 years or up to 2000 cycles, depending on the situation. You have battery expansion, as you can add AGM deep cycle batteries, 12 V lead acid units or anything similar to that.

Being able to access a power switch that allows you to switch from one port to the othger without turning on the inverter is very helpful and the payoff can be extremely helpful. The main benefit with this unit is that you can literally use it anywhere you want without restrictions. Aside from smartphones and tablets, you can also use it to power laptops, electric blankets, a TV, microwave, fridge, chest freezer, sump pumps and even basecamp LED lights.


Is it suitable for van life?

Absolutely, but it does require a hefty amount of charging time. If you are ok with that and you understand the need for constant sun exposure, then the Inergy Apex will be a very good purchase for you. The product is designed with convenience in mind and the fact that you can easily carry it around and just enjoy it as you see fit is a testament to its quality and professionalism. A lot of people want to have a great generator, especially when they are on the road.


This product has a very simple design, it’s suitable for a variety of tasks and it’s also not noisy. You just need to take it with you whenever you need it and enjoy its features in no time. This really stands out as a very professional, impressive array of features and benefits that you do not want to miss. Rest assured that with help from the Inergy Apex you can continue your van life without any worries. The product is designed to be very efficient, simple and just a pleasure to use every time. So it’s well worth every penny!

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